Open House Has A Rave Turn-out!

I think the origin of showcasing products in someones home might be from the Tupperware Party concept...yes we are showing our age. 

Who doesn't love a party! 

People gathering to enjoy each others company, catch up on the latest news and in the process learn about new products and perhaps purchase something for themselves or as a gift.  Seems like there has been a resurgence in this type of social gathering, featuring anything from clothing to skincare products to food.  What we enjoy most about the concept is meeting new people and learning from them. What would they would like to see in our collection? Hearing from our customer, first hand, helps us to refine our designs and product line.  So here are some of the things we have learned:

  • Many younger folks are living in smaller spaces and would like products to fit that space.  

  • The rich brown woods and lighter woods are the preferred choice. Less popular are the red tones.

  • People are looking for fewer, high quality pieces in home decor rather than filling their home with "stuff". 

  • Gifts should be long lasting, passed from generation to generation and functional.  

  • We all love a great glass of wine and conversation, but we also love to shop online!  Online store coming soon!

We have hosted two Open Houses in recent months. One in March on a snowy Sunday afternoon. Lee is a realtor who invited her friends and colleagues to join us for wine, food and a chance to hear our story.  How did two friends from High School come together after a 20 year hiatus to create Nantucket Wood Design? More on that story in a future blog! The charcuterie boards and serving trays were the hit of the afternoon. One particular Walnut tray caught the eye of several guests and rather than fighting over who could purchase, we took orders for four that day.

The next Open House in August on Nantucket Island was a wonderful gathering of local residents and summer visitors. Our hostess Cherise, has a gorgeous home perfectly suited to showcase our collection. The live edge benches were particularly popular at this event and we were able to connect with several designers with great thoughts about what their clients are requesting for their home. One of the orders we took that evening was for a custom tray. John, a local tiler loved the pattern of the "chaos" cutting board, but preferred it as a serving tray he admired. Back in the shop, Donna combined the two designs into a piece he is enjoying after a busy day on the job. We love that John wants to use his serving tray everyday and not just for that special occasion. I think many of us grew up with the concept of china and serving pieces used solely for guests, while the family ate off everyday dishes.  Luckily we seemed to have evolved away from that practice. 

We are grateful to our hosts who are so supportive of our work and open their homes for us. Keep checking back to our website and social media to see where you might find us next showcasing our collection.